Safety Staffing by the Numbers

Having the right safety personnel for the job saves you time, money and improves overall safety. 

From talent shortages and constantly updating compliance standards to OSHA inspections and injury costs, there are significant numbers behind safety staffing.

Our new safety staffing infographic dives into the numbers behind staffing the best people.

Significant Staffing Statistics

Curious about what you can expect in our infographic? Here are a few numbers to consider.


Number of U.S. companies reporting talent shortages

3 to 5 years

Time between updates to 300+ NFPA codes and standards


Number of OSHA inspections completed yearly


Estimated cost of injuries in the U.S. in 2013

Fulfilling Locally and Quickly

Nearly 70% of companies are having a difficult time recruiting skilled labor. Get ahead of the competition with a better view of the overall landscape.



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